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 "Art is not an object, art is an experience", -Josef Albers.

I want to see things I’ve never seen before, or things presented in a new way. The revolutionary artists from the beginning of the twentieth century into the 1960s have inspired and amazed  me with their views on the world and their ground-breaking artworks. Their inspiring and creative imagery, like nothing that came before, has  been a huge influence on my work. Freedom from the traditional rules and regulations of the art world. Abstract art can go in any direction you want, it’s free, that freedom gives the artist unlimited artistic possibilities. Endless subject matter, because it’s “anti-matter”, it’s limitless and exciting.

Color combinations and interactions within a painting (or any form of artwork), and how the viewer interprets those interactions, inspires me. Abstract art entices the viewer to engage. It isn’t easy for some people to look at abstract artwork, they want to be told what it is that they are looking at. They try to make sense of the artwork by assigning the images to something “real”. Abstract demands that they stop, and look at the artwork in an unbiased fashion, forgetting any preconceived notions of what it may be, and accept it for what it is. Colors and forms interacting, through their existence, there is a mystery to be revealed. An alternative language to be discovered, the relationship between color, movement, and form, no “subject matter “ needed, pure artistic expression, and how it makes the viewer feel.
This is what keeps me motivated to paint.